Avoid Frustration and Uncertainty

Frustration Happens When...

  • The inspection strategy is to just wait and see what the inspector finds
  • The appraisal strategy is to just hope for the best
  • Closing is delayed because everything was not orchestrated correctly
  • The property was not marketed at the right price with a comprehensive marketing plan
  • The financing strategy is to hope for loan approval
  • Your agent is as surprised as you are when something happens

Working with a real estate agent who is not an expert in every aspect of real estate can cause tremendous stress and cost you a bundle of money. You deserve to work with a real estate company who has the expertise to protect your interest.

Peace of Mind Happens When...

  • Your agent is a Certified Property Inspector who identifies inspection issues before the inspection.
  • Your agent is a top-level appraiser who knows the appraised value prior to listing your home for sale.
  • Your agent is experienced closing every type of transaction in every situation and can orchestrate everything flawlessly.
  • Your agent is experienced and knowledgeable in finance. Making sure that a loan will be approved even before it is submitted to the lender.
  • Your agent anticipates all possibilities and pro-actively eliminates uncertainty so that there are no surprises.

Working with a real estate agent who is a certified expert in every aspect of real estate changes everything. Only an agent who is a certified expert in all aspects could guarantee your result.

Real Estate Expertise

“I have seen firsthand the anger, frustration, and downright hopelessness people experience when they put their trust in the wrong real estate agent or real estate company to execute a transaction. That’s why I‘ve dedicated my real estate career to acquiring the real estate expertise every client needs and deserves to lead them to success. Leveraging my experience as an award-winning real estate broker, elite real estate appraiser and certified property inspector have made it possible to achieve remarkable results for my clients. The honors of being awarded a master’s degree in real estate from the University of Denver and recognition by courts across the state as a real estate expert are only surpassed by the peace of mind and satisfaction my real estate clients experience when they trust me to be their real estate agent.”

Phil McDonald