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Members of our Premiere Buyers Club have a big competitive advantage when they buy a house. Members have access to exclusive benefits and privileges which includes the ability search homes for sale using advanced search features to find houses for sale in Colorado. Searching for properties with these tools reveals the perfect real estate listings quickly and is the most effective home search online.

With all the tools of our real estate website available to you as a member you can search Pueblo homes for sale, Colorado Springs homes for sale and even homes for sale in Denver and other Colorado markets. Advanced filters allow you to search for homes by neighborhood, search for homes by school district, and even search homes for sale by a map which you can create. Instead of viewing all homes for sale in Pueblo West or any other large area you can filter out house listings just like a real estate agent to reveal the best homes for sale.

Save your favorite listings and even share your saved homes with others.  You get updates when the price of a saved home changes and can even create your own saved search so that you are the first to be notified of all new house listings matching your search criteria.  

 Easily Become as Knowledgeable as a Realtor

 With access to our real estate market reports showing, you all real estate for sale, recently sold homes, and a real estate market trends graph for an area you can quickly identify market trends and real estate opportunities.

View real estate market reports down to the neighborhood level complete with a real estate market trends graph to help you make the best decisions when buying a home. Hassle free real estate knowledge from the experts!

 Our premier buyers’ club members ability to buy homes utilizing advanced house search tools is a great member benefit.  If this were the only benefit nobody would join because other real estate companies provide similar tools with similar features on their real estate websites.  Our tools are a bit better than the others and are designed to put you in control of your home buying process, but these differences are not the reason that you will join our premiere buyers club.   The member privileges we will discuss now are the reasons you will join our premier home buyers’ club because you are not going to find these offered by any other real estate broker or real estate company.

 Guaranteed Real Estate Savings and Home Warranty

 We show you how to negotiate as a buyer with examples of how much sellers usually come down on a house.  This information and the other real estate tips and tricks we share with our members can save you thousands of dollars if you negotiate with the listing agent or property seller yourself.

 We don’t recommend that you work directly with the listing agent of a home or negotiate directly with the property owner because we have a much better options available to our members with guaranteed results. 

 When you work with our experienced buyer agent who is also a designated realtor your savings is guaranteed.  We negotiate the best price and terms, guarantee that you are protected by a home warranty and even guarantee that you will be satisfied when you buy a house.   

 Did you know that we can even negotiate the price after an offer has been accepted?  We do it on almost every transaction during the inspection period. Our real estate services executed by the top real estate agents in the industry consistently achieve exceptional results.  In fact, we guarantee that result for our premiere home buyers’ club members with our Buyer Savings Guarantee and our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. 

 As your buyer’s agent we work for you and achieve your desired result.  We are your advocate and represent your best interests.  We go beyond these obligations of every buyer’s agent and ensure a worry-free experience by anticipating everything and acting pro-actively on your behalf. 

 Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent?

 The answer to this question depends on the result you would like to achieve and who you choose to engage as a buyer’s agent.  Unfortunately, some buyers have experienced disadvantages of using a buyer’s agent because they did not know how to find a buyer’s agent who could execute at a high level and always put the buyers’ interest above all others.  It is often a horrible experience to be trapped in a contract with a real estate agent who is focused on their interest instead of yours or just does not know how to execute at the highest level.  This often causes frustration and stress while costing a buyer thousands of dollars. 

 To achieve the best possible result, you need to work with the best real estate agent to represent you as a buyer’s agent.  A realtor who always put’s your interest above all others.  There are good ways to find a buyer’s agent and we provide you with the best way.  Our experience, qualifications and track record demonstrate that we are among the top real estate companies with the top real estate brokers.  How we do what we do shows you why we do what we do and that we always put your interest above all others.  Our Agency Cancellation Guarantee allows you to terminate our representation at any time if we fail to perform as promised. 

 Buyer Agent Fee

 Typically, a buyer’s agent fee can be paid by the listing broker, the home seller, a builder or you, the buyer.  Who pays the buyer’s agent is described in the buyer agency agreement, and every agreement can be different.  Some agreements require the buyer to pay all of part of the buyer agent fee if it is not paid in full by another party and even add additional transaction fees. 


When you are buying property with our real estate office, we represent you as a buyer’s agent and always act in your best interest without any cost to you.  Our buyer agency agreement is clear and simple.  Our full fee will be paid by the listing broker, builder or seller and will never be paid by you, the buyer.  

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 As an existing club member, when you are ready to buy and choose to work with Realty Advisors Guaranteed Home Sale, your desired result will be guaranteed by our Buyer Saving Guarantee, Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee, and our Agency Agreement Cancellation Guarantee.

 If you choose to work with a different real estate company when you are ready to buy, that’s okay.  Because you were a club member you will be prepared and will know exactly what to expect and how to protect yourself.  Just be certain that whatever real estate agent you choose to work with provides you with all of the same guarantees and agency agreement terms which we are offering.  If they will not provide the same guarantees and agency agreement terms that we are offering you as a club member then you better give us a call before you sign anything, you are going to need our help.

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