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Honest Presentation of Expertise, Experience and Credentials

With the real estate market being so competitive, it can be tricky to spot a well-qualified agent from an inexperienced one or an experienced real estate agent who lacks proficiency. Unfortunately, many untrained agents have come forth claiming to be experts in their field despite lacking the necessary experience and knowledge.

The requirements to obtain a real estate license are very minimal, just a couple of real estate classes and an exam. Of course, this is not sufficient to become a real estate expert.

Even an experienced real estate agent often lacks expertise in many areas essential to a real estate transaction. As the saying goes… “Some professionals have 20 years of experience and others may have one year of experience repeated 20 times.”

Picking the right agent is one of those critical issues that can cost or save you thousands of dollars

It can be difficult to pick the right agent when experience, credentials, expertise, and track record are so frequently misrepresented.

We make selecting the right real estate agent easy by honestly presenting expertise, experience, track record, and credentials. No smoke and mirrors, double speak, or qualified statements. Just a direct and honest presentation of the facts.

The Real Deal

A master’s degree in real estate from the University of Denver, the highest level broker license, highest level appraisal license, former certified property inspector, decades of experience, recognized expert in residential and commercial real estate by federal and state courts, and guarantee my stated expertise, experience, and credentials to be 100% accurate.

You need certainty when selecting the right real estate agent. We eliminate the uncertainty in real estate with a guaranteed honest presentation of qualifications.

Here Is the Guarantee!

If at any point in time, a client can demonstrate that the information presented regarding expertise, experience, and credentials is incorrect I will pay $1,000 to the charity of their choice.
Everything present is accurate, factual, and backed by documentation. 

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