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Homeownership program eliminates
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No Money Down

Aspiring homeowners, we hear you. Saving up for a down payment while dealing with the high cost of living may seem daunting. You can now set that challenge aside because we have some great news – you don’t need any money saved up to buy a home!  We are the industry experts in no-money-down financing,  Let us show you how it’s done.

How to Buy a Home With No Down Payment AND No Closing Costs

FHA Mortgage Approval

Down Payment:   3.5%

Closing Costs:      3.0%

You Need:      6.5%

Down Payment Grant

DPA Grant:   4.0%

You Need:      2.5%

Seller Concession

Concession:   2.5%

You Need:      0.0%

Buy Your Home

You Need:      $500

Program Requirement

In this example, we begin with an FHA loan which requires a down payment of 3.5% and buyer closing costs of about 3.0%.   We eliminate the down payment and some closing costs with a down payment grant of 4%.  This is a grant/gift to encourage home ownership.   Negotiations that result in the seller paying 2.5% of the purchase price towards the buyer’s closing costs will take care of the balance.

There are over a dozen no-money-down programs available right now in Colorado.  The program in this example is a popular program available to all buyers in all locations.

No Money Down Approval Requirements

The criteria to qualify for a no-money-down mortgage are straightforward and within reach of most aspiring homeowners.   Those who fall short can typically make a few adjustments to qualify.

Here is a look at the things needed to purchase a home with no money down and no closing costs.


Minimum Credit Score 620

2 Yrs No Bankruptcy 4 Yrs No Foreclosure


Verifiable Income (W2, tax return)

Sufficient income for monthly payment.

Work With Us

Agent experienced with program

Agent networked with program lenders.


Make no mistake, these are complex residential financing programs.  Many real estate agents and mortgage lenders who at one time thought they would “give it a try” have found themselves facing angry and disappointed clients, sellers, and other agents when they were not able to close the transaction because they did not prepare.

Don’t worry, that never happens to us because we are far more than just prepared, we have a mastery level of knowledge and skills in this realm. Because of that we really do make it look very easy.

Our goal is for every client to experience a worry-free transaction so that they can focus on the exciting important thing that is happening.  They are buying a home and often times their first home.  That is the monumental event, the milestone in life, we will not allow worry, stress, or uncertainty to taint that experience.

Buy Your Home With No Down Payment AND No Closing Costs

Now that we have removed the out-of-pocket expense obstacle, what is preventing you from buying a home?  We have closed a bunch of these transactions.  Probably 100, maybe even 200.  Soo many that we are really good at this and have been really good at it for a very long time.  Click on the Book an Appointment link below to pull up our calendar and book a time for a meeting or phone call and we can get you one step closer to buying your new home.