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What does contingent in real estate mean?

Curious about residential transactions with questions like: What does contingent in real estate mean, how does a real estate first right of refusal work, or what is a broker real estate agent and is there a difference? We have your answers.

How to get a loan on commercial real estate?

Looking at commercial real estate and have questions related to investors’ realty like How to get a loan on commercial real estate, what is net operating income real estate revenue,  capital gains for real estate, or questions related to development in real estate?  We got you covered.

Real estate eminent domain

Want to dig a bit deeper into topics like Real estate eminent domain, partitioning an internal rate of return, or valuing partial interest ownership, we can explore those complex questions in depth.

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Phil McDonald is a recognized real estate expert and award-winning broker, with over 20 years’ experience providing expert witness testimony in residential and commercial real estate matters. Judges make rulings based on his analysis and conclusions while institutions make multi-million-dollar decisions based on his opinion.

Phil holds a Master of Science Degree in Real Estate from the University of Denver and has completed extensive high-level studies with the top real estate institutions in the country.

Phil holds professional real estate licensing as an Employing Broker and Certified General Appraiser. Each of which is the highest level of license for real estate brokerage and real estate appraisal, respectively. Phil has also previously held the Certified Professional Inspectordesignation from InterNACHI, the world’s leading organization of inspectors.

His transaction and appraisal experience encompasses almost every type of residential and commercial real estate.Learn more about Phil McDonald and his real estate expertise.

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