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Real Estate Experts: Property Consulting

We leverage the highest level of real estate expertise to deliver unbelievable results for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Boutique Real Estate Firm

Our boutique Colorado real estate agency is a standout – we boast an unmatched level of real estate expertise and client experience. Our strategy-first approach and proactive anticipation of all possibilities ensure stress-free realty transactions with remarkable results that can’t be found elsewhere. With the extensive success of our company securing unbelievable outcomes, you can count on our expert real estate agent to get your desired result – guaranteed!


Many Real Estate Agents ARE NOT Real Estate Experts

An alarming 72% of recent home buyers regret their house purchase while home sellers are currently making massive pricing mistakes, causing stress and resulting in loss.

Many buyers and sellers work with real estate agents who lack the critical expertise to navigate them safely through the market. Don’t underestimate how vital it is to make smart choices during this critical time.

What is a Boutique Real Estate Firm?

A boutique realty firm typically has a smaller team of expert real estate consultants and realtors who specialize in unique and customized services for their clients.  Real estate agents working in boutique real estate brokerage are typically experts in their craft, possessing graduate degrees, multiple top-level industry licenses, extensive experience, and a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of real property.

A boutique real estate agency differentiates from larger agencies by providing clients with more personalized attention to their specific real estate needs and objectives. Overall, a boutique real estate agent provides a higher level of expertise and attention to detail, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy or sell property.

What is a Real Estate Consultant?

For the savvy property buyer or seller, a real estate consultant is an invaluable asset. Realty consultants are generally licensed as brokers and work on a commission for buying or selling property, just like other Realtors.  They can blend in well with other real estate agents, but come with an invaluable difference, providing their clients an almost unfair competitive advantage.

Real estate consultants have a unique edge over other agents. Unlike typical Realtors, they possess formal qualifications in multiple industry segments and are prepared to offer specialized services such as valuation, construction management,, and market studies. When a qualified real estate consultant is engaged as your real estate agent, you have the A team and can rest assured you’re making the best decisions for your real estate needs.


Expertise or Limitations

Your real estate success and financial future may be determined by the shortcomings and limitations of the Colorado Realtor you work with.

The Colorado real estate agent you work with should:

  • Know more about home inspection than the inspector
  • Know more about appraisal than the appraiser
  • Know more about real estate than other agents
  • Know more about financing than the lender

Afterall, isn’t that what makes them a real estate expert?

Your Result is Limited by the Shortcomings of Your Real Estate Agent?

Let’s take a closer look at who’s looking out for you in a real estate transaction.  Obligations to a client include a fiduciary duty to act in the client’s best interests and prioritize their needs above all else. Obligations to a customer are simply fair and honest, dealing with no obligation to act in the customer’s best interest.

Who They Are What You Are to Them Thier Client
Your Agent Client You
Other Agent Customer Not You
Lender Customer Wholesaler/Company
Appraiser Buyer or Seller Lender
Inspector Buyer Client Buyer
Title Company Buyer or Seller Listing broker
Who They Are What You Are to Them Thier Client
Your Agent Client You
Other Agent Customer Not You
Lender Customer Wholesaler/Company
Appraiser Buyer or Seller Lender
Inspector Buyer Client Buyer
Title Company Buyer or Seller Listing broker

Unless you have an agent that knows…

  • More about lending than the lender
  • More about appraisal than the appraiser
  • More about inspection than the inspector
  • More about closing than the title officer

You may be at risk! Nobody is looking out for you!


Exceptional Real Estate Brokerage

We make the impossible possible for our clients by consistently achieving amazing results that others have deemed unattainable.

You deserve to achieve your best possible real estate outcome. Book an appointment and let’s work together to pave the way toward your extraordinary result.

A smarter and easier way to buy or sell property….


Guaranteed Results


Certified Expertise


Worry-Free Transactions

Trust the experts. Trust Realty Advisors!

The most important factor impacting your experience and outcome of buying or selling your house is working with real estate consultants who have the realty expertise to achieve your best possible result.

DO NOT HIRE US If your desired result is to just “sell my house” there are less qualified Colorado Realtors to choose from and even options to sell without using a realty professional to accomplish that.

If your desired result is to “sell my house for the highest possible price with a predictable inspection, appraisal, closing, and net proceeds while not experiencing surprises, stress, or hassle.”  you will need consulting services with an elite realty agent who can deliver that result.

Get Real Results with Realty Advisors

We know that clients choose to work with us because they are counting on the unparalleled expertise, experience, and insight of our professional real estate consultants to protect them and achieve the best result.

We take that responsibility so seriously that we put our own skin in the game and guarantee your result.

Three Easy Steps
Guaranteed Success



Bring your real estate goals and concerns! Our expert realty broker is the Realty Wiz and is ready and willing to help you with anything.


Real Estate Strategy

Working together we implement a seamless real estate strategy to flawlessly achieve your real estate objectives.


Real Estate Success

Enjoy the peace of mind you will experience during a stress-free real estate transaction. Experience the Difference!



Every time I have utilized the services at Realty Advisors, I found them to be knowledgeable, professional and customer centric. I will never use anyone else for my real estate transactions.
Deb Wadsworth


Phil is very knowledgeable in the real estate market. He is willing to work with you and gives many options. We have done 9 deals through him and would not consider using anyone else.
Karen Guyette


Phil was amazing throughout the process of selling our townhome and the purchase of our new home. He checked in with me to make sure I was doing ok, if I had questions, and explained things when I didn’t understand. Highly recommend!!!
Cassandra Farrell

Our Realty Brokerage Service Area

We are proud to serve a large area in Southern Colorado extending many miles distance from our office in historic downtown Pueblo.  We have extensive experience involving many properties in each community within our service area.  We provide service for every property type from the smallest cabin to commercial properties with a massive floor area.  Select the links below to learn more about the communities we serve.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Market

Full-Service Brokerage


Every type and every situation, we have been there and done that.


Duplexes to Large Complexes, Conversions, LIHTC, Mixed-Use and more.


Retail, Office, Industrial, Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Special-Use and much more.

Vacant Land

Development, Redevelopment, Infill, Raw Land, Subdivision, Farm and Ranch.

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